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From humble beginnings in 2008, VITINA GROUP CO LTD has grown into a privately company with 2 branches(VITINA STEEL & VITINA ROOF), of which VITINA ROOF has been focusing on the design and production of metal roofs.

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Did You Know?

We produce galvanized steel coils, galvalume steel coils, and pre-painted galvalume steel coils, they are used to produce metal roofs, which have good effects in terms of rust prevention and aesthetics

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We Are Different

Not all metal roofing is created equal, metal roofing has many levels of quality. Our roofing panels are manufactured from high-quality steel substrates and paint coatings to provide long-lasting service and assurance that your home.

Let's Make Your Home Unique

We offer a variety of metal roofing choices, from exposed fastener and standing seam systems to specialized options that simulate the look of traditional shingle, tile, slate or cedar shake.Let us help you find the residential metal roofing solution that meets your home’s aesthetic and budgetary needs for years to come.

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