Best Colors For A Metal Roof – Is There Such A Thing?


Occasionally, we’ll get a request for the “best” metal roof color. Is there such a thing? Depending on what you’re going for, yes, there is. But it invariably varies from project to project!

One of the features of metal roofs that sets it apart from every other roofing material is that it’s available in almost limitless colors and profiles. 

Dark tin roof on a white farmhouse with black shutters, a big font porch, and brick

The only true limit when it comes to the color, profile, and texture of a given metal roof is the project’s unique specifications (variables like location and climate) and the budget. That’s because certain materials will just perform better in say, coastal climates where exposure to corrosive salt water is a concern, and some colors are considered “special order” and may be rather expensive if they aren’t a regularly stocked item. There can also be a minimum quantity requirement from manufacturers, which is also something to consider. But custom color orders are not unusual for architects and certain customers. Some of the custom colors we’ve supplied feature two-tone and variegated colors, which is a great way to add interest to a roof. Multi-tone roofs are relatively new and more and more manufacturers are offering new and improved choices to achieve this flattering aesthetic.

The texture is another controllable option when it comes to metal roofing, and it’s also evident in this two-tone shake. Customers also have their choice of everything from bare metal roofs – just the natural metal – to materials like copper, zinc, steel, aluminum, and other metals, all of which offer a distinctive aesthetic of their own.

We provide more color options for your roof

Something else to consider on your quest for the “best” metal roofing color: remember that lighter colors reflect heat better than darker colors. This is a critical consideration when the goal of the new roof is to keep the roof deck and/or attic cool by reflecting solar heat back into the atmosphere. White metal roofs in an Energy Star reflective coating are about the coolest possible roof covering and can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than a dark shingle roof.

So to answer the question posed in the title of this post, yes, there is a “best” metal roof color. But you’ll have to be the judge of that!

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