EPS Sandwich Roof panel

EPS sandwich panel belongs to building panels, which is composed of double metal panels and EPS core material . The panel maintains the advantages of good strength, impact resistance, fire retarding and flame retardancy of the metal panel in the use of the building, and has better heat preservation, thermal insulation and sound-proof functions

Details about EPS Sandwich Roof panel

Product parameters
NameEPS sandwich panel
Core MaterialEPS
Interior Steel Thickness0.4-0.7mm
Core Material Thickness50mm/75mm/100mm/150mm/200mm
LengthLess than 11.8m
Effective WidthWall panel:950-1150mm
Roof panel:950mm-990mm
Recommend CoatingPVDF/SMP/HDP/PE
Surface FinishEmboss,small wave,big rib,flat
Fireproof GradeB1
AdvantageHeat Insulation,  light weight, quick installation,waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, energy-saving,environmental friendly
UsageVarious roofs and walls referring to the large-size factory buildings,workshops,cold storage,villas,etc.

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